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At present time, we have had 30+ and counting, performances cancelled, across Canada, the UK and Switzerland. We will be putting on live stream concerts (from a minimum 6 feet apart) that will be available via our Facebook and Instagram. Please follow us on both platforms if you can, in case one of the streams doesn't work out.

These concerts will be free to access. However, if you do decide to donate or pay-what-you-can, you can do it via this link. No pressure. We are happy to be performing for you, and you can just enjoy and hang out with us! We miss you all.

April 18th - NAC #CanadaPerforms
2pm EST

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Hey folks. We are sorry to let you know that due to the severity of the Covid-19 virus and for everyone's well being, several of our upcoming tour dates are in the process of being cancelled and moved to future dates.


When we have all of the info, we will post it asap.

Do you want to help out? Well, if you have a favourite artist, download and stream their music, buy their merchandise from their webshops, and keep your tickets for future events. There are so many musicians, booking agents, concert venues, managers and crew who are looking at many months of uncertainty. Our agents tirelessly book tours several months to a couple years in advance. We appreciate their work, and also those working in grocery stores, pharmacies and the nurses & doctors on the front line, who are doing their best to keep us safe. We hope that we all find ourselves in a place of normalcy soon. Until then, 

we hope that you all are staying inside and doing your part to keep us all safe.

Lisa and Brenley



"In 1999, Lisa & Brenley met in Toronto. Both with a passion and love for music they instantly formed a band AND became a couple. By recommendation of many people in the industry, they were told that they should hide their sexuality and relationship. So, they ran off to the desert with their guitars in tow and wrote their first record. This video is a little glimpse into the young adventures and misadventures on that first trip together. It’s a story of being vulnerable and in love, driven, and confused. It’s a story of the break downs and rebuilding moments between two people. Today, Lisa and Brenley are no longer a couple but continue to make amazing music together as Madison Violet. “Tell me when you get your heart working” was a lyric I loved and really gravitated towards. The truck in the video is kind of a metaphor for their romantic relationship. It can break down, be fixed when they both work together, but they both know it won’t last forever."

Jillian Martin - Director

Everything's Shifting




Do you own 1, 2, or even 3 of our albums, but you're itching to hear more? Do you want exclusive sneak peaks of albums to come? Well, Spotify is your place for that!