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Want to know what's keeping us busy this year? Well, Madison Violet have taken most of the year off of the road to recharge and write a new album (except for 1 tour in Germany in June). In 2025 we will be celebrating 25 years as a band. TWENTY-FIVE! It's gonna be a great year! Tour dates coming soon.

Lisa has started a new concert series called "Small Of My Heart" Songwriters Circle. So far, there are 5 dates in Nova Scotia and more to come throughout the Maritimes. Performers include Catherine MacLellan, Erin Costelo, Heather Rankin, Irish Mythen, Kellie Loder, Kristen Martell and Lisa herself (who will be hosting each night). Check out for show info. 


Scroll down for tour dates!

Brenley has started a new Substack called "Airstream Chronicles" where you can read all of her musings about life and songwriting and everything in between. Click the link to read and subscribe to her page!

Airstream Chronicles
Small Of My Heart

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